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Dogs NZ Rally-O is recognised as an official dog sport code by the New Zealand Kennel Club


Dogs NZ  Rally-O is a dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs and people of all ages and abilities Dogs NZ Rally-O includes heelwork, a variety of turns, halts, stays and jumps Dogs who achieve enough qualifying certificates are awarded Dogs NZ Rally-O titles Dogs New Zealand Rally-O and the Rally-O Subcommittee website!

Rally-O is a great dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs (and people!) of any age and ability. The dog and their handler are required to perform a different exercise every few metres. Exercises include combinations of turns, presents, finishes, changes of position, heeling around cones, halts, stays and jumps. Even though Rally-O has evolved from Competitive Obedience, it does not require the same level of precision as Obedience. The main goal in Rally-O is to gain a score of at least 90% and so earn a qualifying certificate, Once you have enough qualifying certificates, your dog can gain a Dogs NZ Rally-O title. There are several levels of title to work towards, each level more challenging than the one before, with longer courses, more difficult exercises and stricter criteria for success. Rally-O is fun and exciting!

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Each level of Dogs NZ Rally-O is longer and contains more difficult exercises. Image supplied by A Dozen Dogs

Photographers A Dozen Dogs, Animals In Action and Matilda von Rijnbeck have supplied us with some amazing photos of dogs doing Rally-O.

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